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Below you will get an overview of the NEUERO products for Milling and Mixing. For more information, please go to PRODUCTS.

NEUERO Grain Crushers

All types of grain can be crushed using NEUERO grain crushers. They are very quiet, there are no vibrations and noises due to spring assemblies. The crushing unit can be rotated and combined into a modular system.

Subsequent extension to duo machines is possible. Two types of rollers – the pre-compression roller and the delicate compression roller – provide very good compression quality with low power requirements. The pinch setting is infinitely adjustable with an eccentric. The squeeze body can be rotated as a unit without removing the rollers. As a result, the outlet side becomes the inlet side and the slightly worn trailing edge of the rollers becomes the leading edge. This significantly extends the roller service life.

In the modular system of the NEUERO grain crushers type Duo, the pre-crusher units and the fine crusher units are combined into a modular system form a four-roll machine. This version is especially suitable for trouble-free use in the case of coarse milling of corn, peas and beans (also mixed with grain). The roller set is equipped with two hardened deep milling rollers for coarse milling. In combination with the fine milling mechanism underneath, high productivity and a long service life are achieved. The pinch gap can be set independently on both clamping units. Here you can also turn both compression units and thus significantly increase service life of the roller.

There are various types are available depending on the desired crushing performance. All types are equipped as standard with an inlet funnel, support frame, magnetic strip, ready-to-connect motor, star-delta switch, overload protection, ammeter and timing belt. It is possible to equip with a level indicator, an automatic quantity shutter and short feet or without an inlet funnel, feet, electrical equipment and a magnetic bar.

NEUERO Hammermills

Hammermills RVO by NEUERO (with a prototype protection!) are characterized by high performance and low energy consumption. The crusher is suitable for milling grain with a moisture content of up to 20%. Large sieves ensure careful milling and provide a large flour separation area. 48 bats provide even distribution. Due to the large welded housing in connection with the large sieve- and rotor surface, the crushed grain only slightly heated. These factors also lead to low energy consumption.

The operation is practically dust free. Wire mesh or perforated screens can be used or combined to adapt the feed structure to any need. A special inlet in the middle allows you to rotate in both directions. In combination with various sieve elements, an optimal cereal structure is created. All grain mills are equipped with a magnetic input plate as standard. The standard height of the floor console (480 – 750 mm) is adjustable so that the different nozzles can be installed. We offer engines with different power. NEUERO hammermill can be controlled manually or automatically by using the CIBUS control system.

NEUERO Radial Grist mill with blower

High suction capacity and maximum grist output with minimum energy consumption are the specific features characterizing NEUERO mills with a proven radial milling system and fully automatic feed control. Thanks to their robust modular design, they can be used in different ways and expanded.

Wear-resistant and easy-to-maintain mill is located remotely from the fan. Two-piece paddles provide a very good grist structure. The blow bars do not hit the sieve, the milling process takes place in the lid. Due to the special milling principle, the sieve practically does not wear out.

Thanks to the optimized blower, which provides high suction power with a relatively small air volume, but at high pressure, long supply paths of up to 100 m are possible. The flour is cooled during transportation. The NEUERO radial grist mill can be controlled manually, fully automatic process control is also possible.

NEUERO Jet Filter System

NEUERO Jet Filter System type NJF is a newly developed filter blower for ventilation of milling and mixing systems to prevent condensation. The filter is characterized by simple installation in a common system, because it is mobile. The filter cleaning is carried out electro pneumatically. The filter can be also replaced without any problem. Thanks to its double surface, the JET-Filter Duo has a significantly lower surface load and therefore longer maintenance intervals. Due to its higher air capacity, it is also suitable for large milling and mixing systems.

Additional advantages of the NEUERO JET filter and JET Duo filter are, on the one hand, a compact structure, on the other hand – the ability to work both independently and in connection with the control system. The flexible use of device also makes it possible to use it for the dedusting of grain conveyors and sieving machines.

NEUERO Mineral Hoppers

NEUERO Mineral Hoppers are intended for dosing of mineral feed and other small structured feed components. The funnels for minerals are supplied as standard, galvanized or optionally made of stainless steel for demanding components. The range includes hopper with a capacity of 400 and 700 liters. An agitator can be installed for poorly flowing goods. Either flexible or tubular screws are used for extraction. A variety of equipment options allow to make many possible combinations.


NEUERO Oil Pump is a self-priming paddle pump with ribs, specially designed for using soybean oil. The flow rate can be adjusted using the integrated valve to achieve the optimum ratio between viscosity and line length. The scope of delivery includes connection sockets (3/4 “) for suction and a suction pressure hose, basket and nozzle to connect the mixer. The accessories program has a corresponding oil-resistant rubber suction pressure hose (3/4 “) per meter.

NEUERO Vertical Mixing System

FAM type Vertical Mixers can be used for production of animal feed, especially from crushed grain and other coarse components. NEUERO Vertical Mixing System works reliably and uniformly in a very short time and is therefore ideally suited for fattening farms.

With NEUERO Vertical Mixing System, a vertical screw is installed in the mixing container, which moves the product to be mixed vertically upwards. The free fall of the mixture onto the material underneath provides an excellent and even mixing effect. The additive is not forced and retains the, desired feed structure. Some components can be fed to the mixer manually through a hopper. As standard, the mixer is equipped with a large inspection hole in the lid and the ability to connect to add oil. The compact and robust NEUERO feed mixer is fully pre-assembled with a gear motor that requires low maintenance. Its capacity is from 600 to 1,800 kg. The modular cylindrical container in combination with integrated mounting loops allows it to be installed even in hard-to-reach places.

NEUERO Diagonal Mixing system

The NEUERO Diagonal Mixing System has been developed for demanding pig and fattening farms which want to produce high-quality recipes. Due to its lower overall height the FAM mixer can also be used in low Rooms.

The Uni-Mix is suitable for very accurate mixing of practically any floury or granulated raw material. During the mixing process, a maximum 6% fat, oil or molasses can be added. Using Corn-Cob-Mix is also possible up to 40%. The mixer can be optimally cleaned with large inspection hatches. This ensures hygiene of the feed – with very small residual amounts of approximately 2.5 to 3 kg.

NEUERO Diagonal Mixing System also has a long service life due to its low screw speed. Two versions are available: 1,300 kg and 1,800 kg, depending on requirements and feed intake.

NEUERO Horizontal Mixing System

This Horizontal Mixer by NEUERO features a compact design and a standard 4 mm reinforced base tray. Two counter-rotating mixing screws on one shaft ensure short, very intense and very precise mixing. The feed structure is maintained at a very low speed. There is a very large hole for adding components. Therefore, the NEUERO Horizontal Mixing System is especially interesting for specialists in the commercial sector or the special mix industry.

The NEUERO NHM-type Horizontal Mixer is available in versions NHM 1200, with 1,200 l, and NHM 2500, with a capacity of 2,500 l. The equipment includes a raised spout for filling the container, a pre-container of up to 1,300 l, an automatic electric or pneumatic discharge valve located below, a weighing device with 4 weighing elements and electrical equipment with level indicators, a timer, a mixing computer or PLC, as necessary, for fully automatic operation.

NEUERO Animal Feed Silos

The flexible SilO made high-strength, flexible, elastic, breathable polyester fabric hopper in a steel frame is an economical way to store high-quality animal feed weighing up to 600 kg per cubic meter, both inside and outside. Hassle-free connection with appropriate dosing and conveying devices and safe feed flow ensure trouble-free daily use. Installation is very simple thanks to an optimized module system. For outdoor installations, the NEUERO Kosa-type Animal Feed Silo is covered by waterproof and UV-resistant tarpaulin. NEUERO Animal Feed SilO can also be supplied with a step cone or steep hopper for difficult to move masses.

NEUERO Mineral Nutrients Silo

Mineral Nutrients Silo is similar in design to NEUERO animal feed silo typ kosa, but is smaller in size due to lower need for minerals and can be used for bulk density up to 1,000 kg/m3. It is designed to store additional components such as minerals, therefore made of coated polyester fabric. This fabric prevents moisture removal during hygroscopic flow of minerals.

NEUERO Animal Feed SilO

NEUERO Animal Feed SilO is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. It consists of galvanized bunker plates with a flat profile and galvanized supports. There are no welds, only complete assembly using hot-dip galvanized screws. It is filled by means of a screw or pneumatically. Feeds are easily removed thanks to 67° tilt angle in the hopper silO. The scope of delivery includes an inspection window in the hopper as well as ventilation pipe.

NEUERO Mix Feed SilO

The NEUERO SIA Compound Feed SilOs is made of fiberglass (GRP) and stands on four legs. The outside of the SilO with smooth walls, with a horizontal hot-galvanized support ring, a drip edge and a mirror-smooth hopper. The roof is white, the hopper is transparent. The delivery set includes a separate filling pipe with a connecting flange and thread, a connecting flange for a separate ventilation pipe (without a stationary pipe), a tight cover with a shutter on the hook, material for screws V2A and a sealing tape for mounting.

NEUERO Screw Conveyor for flour- and feed mixing system and Dosing Screw

NEUERO S Series Screw Conveyor is designed for continuous use with high flow rates. It assumes high performance with low energy consumption. Therefore, this is a very inexpensive way to invest. NEUERO Screw Conveyor are used for grain, flour and animal feed, as well as a dosing screw type S 100D for flour.

Depending on screw design, I or S, the pipes are flanged and the extensions are equipped with intermediate between bearings. This guarantees maximum smoothness and gentle product transportation. As a special equipment, there is available a gear motor. The screw conveyor can be adjusted almost continuously in the length with the help of nozzles. The motor and drive are already fully assembled; by request, they can be delivered ready to connect with a switch installed. Of course, there is a wide range of accessories for various applications.

NEUERO Spiral Conveyors

NEUERO Spiral Conveyors are optimal conveying equipment for grist, pellets and additives. Pipes and elbows are made of plastic, steel or stainless steel of various diameters. A safety limit switch is standard on the drive station. NEUERO Spiral Conveyor is available in various options with different performance ranges. Due to the axisless spiral conveyor in combination with a diverse set of accessories, it can be used extremely flexibly.

NEUERO EASY Milling Control/ CIBUS Mixer Computer

Flexible control system for milling maximum 4 grain components in a maximum 4 storage bins, NEUERO has developed the EASY Mill Control System. The CIBUS control system was developed by NEUERO to control all milling and mixing processes. CIBUS is an innovative computer system for milling and mixing, designed specifically for reliable use in agriculture. It can be combined with conveyor control, temperature measurement system, ventilation control, determination of the feed rate in the lift. You will find more detailed information in the Control and Monitoring, as well as in PRODUCTS.

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