Clean or Dirty?

We care about quality! Thanks to efficient concepts you can clean the grain and other cereals with great performance.
Regardless of which of our cleaning systems you choose: your grain is reliably cleaned in the best possible way, this is
sorted and free of dusts, foreign objects etc. The NEUERO cleaning systems are also
low-maintenance, space-saving and/or mobile and user-friendly.

NEUERO Mobile Intake and Cleaning System

With this Mobile Intake and Cleaning System by NEUERO you have your cake and eat it,
too! It consists of the NEUERO GK-type Grain Cannon with dust cyclone, which separates
dust from air and the NEUERO NDV-type pre-cleaner. The robust but light machine can
be used anywhere, even in uneven areas. The mobile intake and cleaning device are suitable for all companies, it can also be used in machine groups.

NEUERO Continuous Pre-Cleaner

If the grain should not only be clean, but really dirty! The innovative NDV continuous pre-cleaner is effective, powerful and energy efficient. Compared to the known cleaning systems, it works according to an innovative multi-stage cascade system, which means that it efficiently cleans grain and other free-flowing bulk products and granules. This pre-cleaner was designed and patented by NEUERO.  NEUERO is the only manufacturer to offer a Continuous Pre-Cleaner based on this innovative principle for agriculture. The cascade cleaner is particularly suitable for agricultural
businesses that require an intensive cleaning performance from 15 to 60 t/h (for wheat). It can be installed permanently, but can also be used mobile.

NEUERO Fine Cleaner

This Fine Cleaner from NEUERO is used for powerful pre-cleaning of the grain and other cereals from dust, husks and other light foreign bodies. The cleaning process is carried out by means of a centrifugal fan, which excretes up to 85% of the foreign material from the grain. This means faster and more even drying of the grain and a qualitative improvement in the stored goods.

NEUERO Drum Sieve Cleaner

Drum Sieve Cleaner by NEUERO removes unwanted components that are larger or smaller than the crop. It offers unbeatable price-performance ratio and is therefore ideal for small farms as well as organic farms with a large supply of external crops. Its great advantage is that three cleaning processes can be performed in one operation using a double drum sieve. Thanks to the wide variety of sieve combinations, it can be adapted to any application.

NEUERO Uni-Seed and Duo-Seed

Uni-Seed or Duo-Seed is a new generation of vibratory-type cleaners. They are designed for larger farms, public caterings, agricultural traders or smaller industrial companies that require flexible production with a good quality cleaning result. Two models differ in performance class and variations of outlet. With a relatively high performance and a very competitive price, you can achieve a very interesting return on your investment with these NEUERO cleaners.

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