Fine Cleaner

NEUERO Fine Cleaner

The compact modular base machine consists of a cleaner with sieve made of galvanized steel. It is equipped with an air step separator as standard. On request, it can be equipped with a feeding device (with or without awn separator) and suction pipe.

The sieves are clamped during operation and kept clean thanks to special rubber balls. Operation is easy, the sieves can be quickly replaced.

Thanks to optimized mass balance, this NEUERO cleaning machine with sieve runs very quietly and with little vibration. In relation to performance, the machine needs little space and can be easily installed as required.

Uni-Seed and Duo-Seed differ in terms of discharge outlet and capacity. The Uni-Seed is supplied with 3 outlets with a 150 mm diameter. The Duo-Seed includes 1 outlet with a 150 mm diameter and 2 outlets with a 200 mm diameter.

Uni-Seed achieves 30 t/h for wheat pre-cleaning, 15t/h for quality cleaning and 5t/h for fine cleaning. With the Duo-Seed you can double the respective services.

The sieves are available as accessories with elongated or round outlets. In addition, there are awn separators including drive motor for Duo-Seed with additional container, as well as adapted underframes and preliminary containers with a 100 l capacity.

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