NEUERO NDV Continuous Pre-Cleaner

The innovative NDV Continuous Pre-Cleaner, designed and patented by NEUERO, works on the cascade principle: air flows through the grain several times, effectively separating light particles such as dust and impurities from the grain. This way of working enables a very intensive cleaning performance.

With an air output of 3000 m³ or 6000 m³ per hour, depending on the version, it is possible to clean 15-30 t, 40-60 t and 80-120 t grain per hour. The continuous pre-cleaner can be upgraded with a dust cyclone and a filter system.

The NDV requires minimum maintenance and easy to use. Everything can be operated manually. Thanks to its compact, space-saving design and the associated low installation height, the NDV can be easily planned into new projects as well as integrated into existing systems.

NEUERO WR Pre-Cleaner

This Pre-Cleaner from NEUERO is used for the powerful pre-cleaning of the grain. The centrifugal fan mounted on the pre-cleaner is easily adjustable to the required air output. The air flow in the cleaning cone separates the lighter garbage parts and thus ensures a good cleaning effect. This NEUERO pre-cleaner is completely galvanized. The rotating grain distributing disc is self-regulating.

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