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Storage, drying system, animal feed equipment, cleaning system and optimal control system of all equipment’s, as well as the monitoring systems which are including all innovations from A to O by NEUERO: They are our daily bread, such as all of our 3,000 products, which ultimately cover and optimally complement the expand needs of courtyard management.

Therefore, when the crop is successfully harvested, it is all about the maintaining value of obtained harvest and reducing the cost and maximizing the productivity of your labor force.

Flexibility, reliability and predictability are the attributes of NEUERO which value has been recognized by the customer more than one hundred years.  In addition, remarkable over the century in which agriculture has new development – an immense achievement, which simply became a revolution, even if it still hardly to find adequate recognition in the social environment. This was made possible, first of all, thanks to improved production methods using the new technologies. Automation, precision agriculture, computer-controlled process management, effective plant protection pesticides and new cereals have become the natural companions of every farmer: Our customers have long perceived themselves as “field” managers and therefore must always be very flexible, maintain their activities in accordance with the new technologies and pay close attention to economic efficiency.

NEUERO cultivates precisely “fields” in order to help progressive agriculture achieve the maximum exploitable potential between ecology and economy.

We are doing those with our more than 70 qualified employees on the area of 48,000 m² with 16,000 m² of Halls and 1,200 m² of office place in Lower Saxony and the rural Melle-Buer. There we created the optimal opportunity for planning, manufacturing, delivering and assembling of all the equipment from a single source.

With NEUERO‘s “Smart Farm Technologies” products, you have reliable, modern and smart farm assistants 24 hours per day 365 days per year, practically without any wear, rest, loss of performance or sleep. We are looking forward to supporting you with best and reliable consulting service.

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