Agriculture 4.0

The digital change is getting at full speed. Digitization has long since appeared in agriculture too! Self-controlling combine harvesters, feeding, mucking and milking robots, GPS-controlled tractors, drones to locate animals before moving, to discover larger weed nests, for fertilizing and controlling pests, sensors and controls for ventilation and dehumidification technology, digital evaluation of inventory in real time and automated documentation – just a few examples from many. It is therefore not surprising that in a 2016 Bitkom survey, slightly more than half of the farmers indicated that they had long been using digital applications. For 16%, on the other hand, use is not an issue, the other 30 percent are discussing or planning to use smart technologies.

Digitization as an Opportunity

Speaking bluntly: in the long term, no one will be able to avoid digitization, even in agriculture. And if only because the controls are moving forward or already require digitization respectively. Or because proper operational documentation can hardly be achieved without digital aids. If you miss the digital connection, sooner or later you will take a backseat. However, digital development can already be seen as an opportunity to make operational processes more effective, identify problems and take direct countermeasures, improve the quality of work and livestock – and thus to optimize yields and profits correspondently. And this, in any case, will save you from annoying paper work.

Getting Easy by Smart Farming

In agriculture, the modern use of information and communication technologies is referred to as smart farming. The corresponding SMART FARM TECHNOLOGIES can be used in many areas when processing internal “fields” and have many advantages.

They help with loading and emptying of storages/silos, cleaning, drying, milling and mixing. They provide an overview of inventory and do the documentation. They detect storage damages, fungal and pest infestation and automatically counteract them. They make every day work easier by taking on routine work, improving work quality and occupational safety. Working hours and the place of work are more flexible, more time is created for other tasks.

The digitalization of control and monitoring technology, as well as the crops management and the obligation to document, not only makes an efficient contribution to energy saving, increased performance, risk minimization, cost reduction and work optimization. It also supports the goals of environmental protection and sustainability.

No IT-Specialist Needed

Now there is no need for a farmer in hiring an IT specialist for his “farm”. This is not necessary at all! Because NEUERO has set itself a task of integrating the new technologies of Agriculture 4.0 with understanding, but also carefully, into the systems and products of agricultural economy. NEUERO considers itself a trendsetter who innovatively and responsibly responds to changing requirements for climate protection, new customer needs and technological advances in further development and testing of new appliances.

Innovative Technology by NEUERO

It is not without reason that NEUERO has integrated “SMART FARM TECHNOLOGIES” into its slogan. However, for all technologies, the NEUERO principle is in the first place: digitization should be used, not be complicated. If you have to waste your time for studying complex operating instructions and reading error codes, you gain nothing. User-friendliness, comprehensibility, simple application and above all, fast and personal support in handling are the requirements for integration of our SMART FARM TECHNOLGIES in our products and systems.

For example, our control experts have developed with CIBUS, an innovative computer for milling and mixing, PLC-control with many functions reliable for use in agriculture, which we also manufacture. In order to be able to offer our customers a broader spectrum of digital technology, our offer was also expanded through an exclusive cooperation with the company iGrain. The Danish company specializes in development and manufacture of smart technologies for the post-harvest sector and offers, among other things, innovations for moisture control and pest infestation detection during grain storage.

Our SMART FARM TECHNOLOGIES applications are interesting not only for traditional large companies! They can also support small and medium-sized family enterprises and/or agricultural companies with special crops and help focus on preservation of rare varieties or species, as well as organic farming.

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