Monitoring makes it easy!

Monitoring is the general term for Monitoring to all possible processes. For agricultural companies, monitoring is an “issue”, especially when it comes to grain storage. In the worst scenario, anyone who does not want to take the risk of total loss due to spoilage cannot avoid digital monitoring of the stored grain. Ongoing monitoring of temperature only does not provide sufficient security to control and protect stored goods in the best possible way. For this reason, NEUERO offers iGRAIN products exclusively throughout Germany. The Danish company is the global leader in agricultural monitoring products. All sensor systems are digital and developed by iGRAIN using its own resources. They have more than ten years’ experience.

By NEUERO you will find the following iGRAIN products:

  • Temperature sensor;
  • Moisture sensor;
  • CO² level control sensor;
  • Upper sensor for air humidity control;
  • Filling-up level sensor;
  • Weather Station;
  • Bucket emptiness and filling-up level sensor, integration in SPS/SCADA Systems;
  • Integration in HACCP-system for quality report ;
  • Quick view on mobile phone / smartphone / tablet.

NEUERO offers iGRAIN sensor systems as a partial or complete solution, which can also include automatic ventilation control. Solutions can be integrated into PLC / SCADA. The Sensors are tailored to customer needs, they are easy to user and integration friendly.

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