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Here is a more detailed presentation of products and systems that NEUERO offers in the “Monitoring” section. Controls for milling and mixing systems can be found in the “Computers for milling and mixing” section and monitoring in the “Monitoring” section. For detailed technical information, please go to Products.

All NEUERO control systems are implemented at site – from circuit diagram to construction of control cabinet and programming. This means that all functions can be flexibly adapted to individual systems of every customer. A source of error analysis via telephone and remote maintenance via TeamViewer is possible.

NEUERO MANUS Conveyors Control System

The MANUS is designed for manual control of conveying equipment. Individual drives are started manually, shut down manually or by Empty and Full Sensor. Shutdown through Empty and Full Sensor takes place in two stages. At the first stage, the acceptance and unloading screw are switched off. The second step stops time and simultaneously turns off all other drives.

The control cabinet is equipped with a design display with 32 pair buttons pre-applied. Button elements are assembled in 8 steps. This avoids unnecessary appointments and expansion is possible at any time. The pair buttons are arranged in two rows of 16 each, between which you can insert a long dust-proof block diagram. The flowchart makes it very easy to assign pair buttons. Each pair button is equipped with a LED to provide a clear alarm. In case of failure, the drives are locked to prevent further dun of the system.

NEUERO VARIUS Conveyors Control System

The VARIUS conveyor control is an automatic control over conveyor equipment and dryer. It consists of MANUS control system expanded to include a PLC (programmable logic controller) with a touch screen. In manual mode, all drives, regardless of the PLC, can work through the design screen. In automatic mode, the starting point, destination point and part of the controlled system can be entered using the three-stage selection function on Display, which started and stopped using a pair button.

Which drives are considered in individual selection options and in which order they can also be installed using the touch screen. As a result, changes or extensions to the conveyor system can be adapted locally by operator or electrician without special software or knowledge. All parameters, such as delay time, can also be changed directly through the touch screen without tools and special knowledge. The display also shows all messages, such as full or empty alarms or activated motor protection switches.

MANUS and VARIUS controllers can be upgraded as an option: control units for automatic filling the hopper, automatic star-delta connection, ventilation control and automatic shutdown for ST dryer.

NEUERO MANUS Control System for Silo Dryer

The MANUS control system was developed to control the dryer for NEUERO silo. The control may also record the switching of conveyor system of the grain plant. Then only one control cabinet is required to control the system.

The control cabinet is equipped with a large design screen. 32 pair buttons are pre-displayed on the design screen. A large flow chart makes it easy to assign pair buttons to drives. Each pair button is equipped with a LED providing a clear signaling of the operating status.

MANUS control system can also be equipped with a PLC control system to provide fully automatic control of the system.

NEUERO online Humidity Measurements and Moisture Determination System

The NEUERO microwave sensor has been designed to continuously measure the moisture content of bulk materials. It can be installed in a dryer or in a storage and is resistant to temperatures up to 120°C. The sensor works with accurate high-frequency measurements and direct digitization of the measured values, therefore with high resolution. Since the surface and capillary moisture of a material have a strong influence on its electric meter, moisture can be accurately determined at a constant average bulk density. Fluctuations in the measured value due to bulk density are compensated by the internal filter function. Temperature fluctuations of the measured value are automatically compensated by sensor. Sensor is ATEX Certified.

NEUERO 1-4 Channel Radio Remote Control

The Radio remote control consists of robust powder-coated sheet steel. A 24V power supply is included in the control cabinet. Each drive is equipped with a manual circuit breaker. This allows you to control the control cabinet directly or using the remote control. Connections for Empty and Full Sensors are included for each drive, so the control cabinet can also be used for other tasks. The control cabinet is connected to the receiver via a connecting cable, which must be provided and installed by electrician. Due to its separate structure, the receiver can be arranged in such a way that optimal transmit power is achieved. The transmission power in the open field is 100 m, the transmission power is reduced due to walls and ceilings. The receiver is integrated in a rugged housing with IP65 protection class. The antenna is connected to the receiver. The transmitter is mounted in a convenient and durable case with rubber protection and a large clip.

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