Batch Drier

NEUERO ST- Batch Dryer

The Batch Dryer is the simplest and cheapest option for drying grain, corn, seeds and other bulk materials. With a capacity of 5.4 t-17.6 t and a drying capacity of 0.5-3.2t per hour (for grain from 20% to 16%), the NEUERO Batch Dryer is suitable for smaller companies. It is also very useful for organic farmers who want to dry this way as it is suitable for drying small quantities.

The advantages of the NEUERO ST-type dryer are its large capacity with a low overall height and optimal use of space thanks to a rectangular design. The capacity is easily expandable. Above all, the NEUERO Batch Dryer provides very good, very fast and even grain drying and its good efficiency in relation to energy consumption. It is also easy to use and can be quickly cleaned.

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