Continuous Drying System

NEUERO NDT-Continuous Dryer

The NEUERO NDT-type Continuous Dryers work based on the most modern drying processes and on the current state of the art. They can be made of either galvanized sheet steel or aluminum. There are no struts, so the casing surfaces are easy to clean. As a rule, a sufficient number of catwalks and platform are included to enable cleaning or entering the dryer.

Warm air can be generated either in direct or indirect process. For direct warm air generation, fan burners are used on the warm air generator (gas or oil), gas burners or gas surface burners. Indirect warm air is generated by fan burners on NEUERO WE-type hot air generator with a closed combustion chamber. They have been tried and tested for many years, they are characterized by high efficiency and compact design. It is also possible to fully meet the requirements for indirect grain drying.

The use of waste heat from energy systems to dry agricultural goods is increasingly required. NEUERO is able to work out a solution for every application integrating the corresponding secondary energy source into the process.

Modern axial and radial fans are used to convey the air through the dryer. They are characterized by a low-noise level and high efficiency. The centrifugal dust separator is manufactured in-house and thanks to active extraction, this is relatively independent of air volumes and therefore ensures consistently good dedusting. 

It is controlled by the NEUERO Varius control system located in a central control cabinet. A modern PLC system is user-friendly, it assures automated processes and safe operation. Control is done from a touch panel where all values and controls are displayed. Automatic control can relieve the operator of some of the works, just as temperature monitoring detects and reports critical operating conditions at an early stage. Integration into the entire silo or production system is possible via standardized interfaces.

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