Which Dryer Suits You?

Drying efficiently, gently and evenly, with maximum safety and as little energy consumption as possible – that is, if put a little simplified, the requirements for a dryer. Various drying systems are used in practice for this. Which system is best suited for which purpose depends on various factors: the daily threshing volume, the moisture, the size of the batches and the available drying time including the non-productive times for filling and emptying? You should also pay attention on storage options and capacities that are not yet available or that already exist, for the intermediate storage of the wet crop or the crop to be cooled after drying.

Professional Planning

So, it makes sense to involve professional planners during designing a drying system. Especially as the costs for drying should not exceed the (in the best case) increase in value. NEUERO helps you! It starts from calculating whether the use of a dryer pays off at all stage. And if you choose a drying system on this basis, the NEUERO experts will discuss all the requirements with you on site. Of course, our consultants also include the existing systems to be integrated and any additional storage cells that may be required for intermediate, wet or cold storage. You will then receive a tailor-made offer from our NEUERO consulting team.

Various Drying Systems

Four systems are essentially relevant for drying bulk materials: batch drying, silo drying, circulating drying and continuous drying. Which system is suitable for you depends – as already mentioned – on various parameters. But no matter which system you need: NEUERO has all dryer systems in its portfolios and can offer you high-quality dryer Systems, that meet all requirements.
Below is a brief overview, for details please go to Products.

NEUERO Batch Dryer

The Batch Dryer is the simplest and cheapest option for drying grain, corn, seeds and other bulk materials. They are dried according to a discontinuous (with time interruptions) process: air flows through the crop when it is at rest. It is suitable for smaller farms and also useful for organic farmers who want to dry by type. The high efficiency in relation to energy consumption is remarkable.

NEUERO Silo Dryer

Silo Dryers originally come from the USA, there are used to dry and store grain and corn. The first silo dryer was built by NEUERO about 12 years ago and installed in East Germany. The system is simple: a round silo is equipped with an active stirring system (mixing augers). In combination with a full-surface ventilation floor, a distribution unit, a warm air generator and a blower, the bin is transformed into an effective dryer.

NEUERO builds this type of dryer entirely on its own. The following points from agricultural practice are mentioned as advantages of this system:

  • High drying performance with relatively low electrical connection values;
  • High flexibility and power with regard to the threshing volume;
  • Even moisture distribution through an active stirring or mixing system;
  • Possibility of using large amounts of waste heat from biogas plants;
  • Good automation option – low requirements to working contact during system operation;
  • Creation of additional storage space.

The NEUERO silo dryers are suitable for drying the consumer grain, rapeseed and corn. It is reasonable to install them with a capacity of up to 1,000 tons.

NEUERO Circulating Dryer

In the circulating dryer, the dry goods are continuously moved and mixed in batches. Therefore, the drying is even the system  also suitable for very moist crops such as corn. The discontinuous process (batch operation) ensures that the grain is thoroughly mixed during drying. In this way the drying air can cause the temperatures to be higher due to the movement of the crop, the hourly output is also higher. The NEUERO Circulation Dryer can be filled and emptied automatically via the VARIUS controls.

NEUERO Continuous Dryer

Wet at the inlet, dry at the outlet! In the continuous dryer, wet material is continuously fed in “running through” the dryer. Only one pass for drying is necessary. Therefore, continuous dryers are nowadays standard procedures for drying larger quantities. NEUERO NDT-type Continuous Dryers work based on the most modern drying processes and are continuously optimized in cooperation with the ATB in Potsdam.

NEUERO Continuous Dryers are powerful, can be used flexibly and have a very even output thanks to a special discharge device. Modern axial and radial fans are used to convey the air through the dryer. They are characterized by a low-noise level and high efficiency.

The Continuous Dryers from NEUERO have a specially manufactured heat insulation and heat recovery, so they work very energy efficiently. In order to safely clean or enter all parts of the dryer, the NEUERO Continuous Dryers are generally equipped with a sufficient number of ladders and platforms.

The continuous dryers are controlled by the NEUERO Varius control system. A modern PLC system is user-friendly,  it ensures automated processes and safe operation. Temperature monitoring detects and reports critical operating conditions at an early stage. Integration into the entire silo or production system is possible via standardized interfaces.

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