From the first pipe


The two young people, Carl Lemmerbrock and Willy Engelbrecht, had not only have a talent, courage and technical skills, they also had foresight when they made their first tube part in the laundry room of their parent´s house in 1909 at the young age of 19. After short time, the business of two companies went so well in industrially booming Germany, so it was necessary to find a distinctive brand name. And so,  the brand was baptized with the name “NEUERO” – an abbreviation for the birthplace of “Neuenkirchen” and its successful product “Rosette” or “Tube” (chimney rosette).


The NEUERO trademark was officially registered and automobile industry Engelbrecht & Lemmerbrock OHG has been moved from the former laundry room to a large hall in Neuenkirchen.


Due to the consequences of World War I, in the early 1920s, the business was initially weakened, but expansion had to be resumed in 1928: the straw cutters which have been registered for  patent in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Hungary, were quickly sold. And NEUERO became own name in agricultural businesses. After short term , the company has been moved to Melle and entered industrial serial production of machines.


After World War II, the demand for blowers and other agricultural equipment was very high that it was hardly possible to get enough material in order to meet demand. However, the company has managed to supply more than 10,000 Grain blowers per year thanks to industrial production processes. The whole truckload left the factory and went to countless farms. NEUERO became the market leader.

...to the first SilO


The know-how and range of products have been constantly adapted to demand. Silo production was beginning in 1961. The first NEUERO silo system with 17.4 tons capacity, 4 m height and 2.6 m diameter was built and installed in the courtyard.


The Meller company Wilhelma, at that time located on Pestelstrasse as well as being the main competitor, was taken over by NEUERO and integrated into the company.

From 1965 to 1988

Multiple changes and restructuring. In 1988, NEUERO Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH was founded. The company is strategically consolidating with the owner´s families, Eulermann and Hemmen and new markets were opening up.

The product catalog is focused primarily on agriculture. Grain blower and storage system complete the offer.

…Animal Feed Equipment


Expansion of business area for milling and mixing plants with capacity of 2 t/h.


The reunification of Germany opens new markets – the company was experiencing a spurt of growth. New customers mainly ask about storage and conveyer system of product groups, as well as milling-and mixing system.

At the same time, opening to the east enable to further markets accessible with the GUS countries. A high level of acceptance and demand lead to sustainable growth of the company.


First customers in Russia and Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic).


New construction and expansion of production and storage facilities by 2.000 m² in Melle. Silo production is expanded. Production expanded by Kantbank and the welding shop.

The company opened in Ukraine as another market for NEUERO products.


In the spring of 2004, Heinz Eilermann retired. Since then, NEUERO has been the sole property of the Hemmen family.

The company DAMECO has been overtaken and integrated.

The company is expanding its business activities to Romania.

…Drying system …


The establishment of NEUERO OOO” SRL Subsidiary company in Timisoara, Romania.

Focusing on complete systems from a single source:

  • After starting with the first dryers in 1961 and continuing further development, the product range was expanded in 2005 with the continuous dryer.  
  • Increase in conveyor technology up to 200 t / h.



The steady orders from Russia led the establishment of the “NeuerO OOO” Subsidiary company in Krasnodar, Russia.


Relocation of headquarter, warehouse and production from Melle to premises of the new company in Melle-Buer with 17,000 m² storage area and 48,000 m² total area.


Establishment of the Subsidiary company in Kiev, (Ukraine). High demand for milling and mixing systems required local support and service. Direct communication and getting closes to customer are one of the reasons for success in subsequent years.

Frist of all, storage systems were planned so as to achieve far-off countries such as the Philippines. Completion of the capacity for grain silos up to 12,500 t.


In the future, market expansion in CIS countries, as well as launch of deliveries to Kazakhstan.


Enhancement of self-production with the new machines for metalworking in Melle-Buer.


For the first time, grain storage facilities were planned with conveying capacity up to 700 t/h and implemented in the short term.

…Product portfolio
of over 3,000 articles!

2016 – 2017

Realization of two large industrial storage facilities in Egypt, the logistics transshipment warehouse and the port facilities with total storage capacity of 120,000 tons and conveying capacity up to 700 t/h. In the first two years, more than 2.5 million tons of grain were processed.


Rapid transformations and digitalization in agriculture are constantly flowing in the strategic directions of the companies. Nowadays, changes lead to adaptation of strategy, including the existing structures, changing market requirements and customer needs. As a part of changes carried out corporate identity and Marketing strategy.