Flat Bottom Silos and Storage Cells

NEUERO Square Cells

We consider square silos in agricultural and commercial sectors suitable for space-saving grain storage. Always they are used,  whenever a large percentage of the occupied building area should be used. Due to the modular system, the silo can be flexibly adapted to available space. Silos are designed for indoor installation and due to their modular structure, they are very suitable for self-assembly.

The available NEUERO various systems are as follows:

  • Silos with smooth wall cells, with or without hopper;
  • Silos with Intestinal wall cells -, with or without hopper;
  • Vertical trapezoidal walls.

A ventilation system should be provided for all cells during planning stage. The type or size depends on whether the silo dryer should be used here.

A wide variety of options from the NEUERO conveyor equipment program are available for loading of storage cells, such as silos, redlers and trough screws. Both wheel loaders and mechanical or pneumatic NEUERO conveyor belts can be used for unloading. For smooth wall cells, there is also an option of pneumatic residues emptying with the ventilation floor. Complete emptying of the smooth wall cells is guaranteed.

All wall cells can be installed on a flat concrete surface with sufficient load-bearing capacity. The barrier layer should prevent water ingress from the basement into the cell. In accordance to the planning, the project may take into account the air ducts passing under the floor and the air supply.

For the flat bottom silos, NEUERO uses galvanized steel sheets.
This has significant advantages from the hygiene point of view during storage compared to wood or wooden Panels and this  is also not subject to changes due to moisture. Walls from galvanized sheet steel can be cleaned quickly and easily and pests have no chance to hide in cavities during storage.

NEUERO Smooth Wall Cells

NEUERO smooth wall silos have a modular framed design. Panel size and material thickness depend on design and load on the silos wall. This system has the advantage of high flexibility. Doors and removable frames can be used in any area of the panel.

In addition, on the concrete floor, you can use the ventilation floor, which can also be used for emptying residues. A prerequisite is the right choice of blower and appropriate floor design. Alternatively, underfloor passes can also be used; in this case, the residual emptying takes place mechanically.

Due to a smooth inner surface of silo, these cells are particularly suitable for seed plants. Even in old buildings where storage cells are installed without static loads on existing walls. This construction is an active application.

Square Cells / with trapezoidal walls, with or without hopper

Square cells from trapezoidal profiles are used to save grain storage space. A floating floor system with self-drying ventilation system provides aeration of all grain. Galvanized steel floor ensures a long service life. Thanks to the modular system, silos can be flexibly adapted to available space. Silos are designed for indoor installation and due to their modular structure, are very suitable for self-assembly. There are square cells silos with or without a hopper. Possible sizes: depth up to 8 m, height up to 8 m and width from 0.75 to 3.75 m. There are hoppers from 35 to 60º, in one part or in  divided varnished version.

NEUERO SBX Silos with trapezoidal wall cells

This designed by NEUERO system consists of heavy trapezoidal sheets, each of which is mounted vertically at the distance of several meters between two columns. Sheets are held at the top and bottom by U-shaped profile. The U-shaped profile on the floor is fixed with dowels to the foundation. Over the bunkers between the wall cells, there is a half-timbered-type tension. This bond makes the system so rigid, that each silo can be filled or emptied independently of neighboring box, which is a decisive advantage over other systems.

To ventilate the cells, are recommended under-floor ducts or semicircular ducts which laid under the concrete floor. Corresponding wall connections are available. With grain moisture up to 20% and dumping height of up to 5 m, depending on the blower design and energy consumption, it is also possible to carry out drying during storage. However, further prerequisites are necessary for this, which must be checked in advance for the conception.

NEUERO Ventilation Floors

NEUERO ventilation floor has approximately 50% more free exit area than conventional ventilation floors. This means that with the same force, much more air can be supplied to the silo, and the air or flow resistance significantly lower. Perforations are designed so that the rapeseed can also be stored and dried. Individual segments can be easily removed upwards in order to be able to clean the space under the floor. The floor lies on vertically arranged profiles.

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