Loading screw conveyor and grain cannons

NEUERO Loading screw conveyor are characterized by first-class quality and performance. They are ideal for filling and emptying the silos, as well as for loading. Splash-proof motors drive the screws, bearings are maintenance free. There are suitable accessories for any application. The drive and motor are delivered as a single unit for simple and quick self-assembly. Due to a standard V-belt drive, the feed rate can be flexibly adjusted.

Loading Screw Conveyor

NEUERO NVS Loading Screw Conveyor

The hydraulically driven NVS loading screw conveyer is available in hot-dip galvanized steel or V2A stainless steel. It is suitable for conveying grain, mineral fertilizers and other bulk goods by conveyor with 3 m or 4 m length and with capacity of up to 25 t/h.

NEUERO S 150 Gigant and S 200 Gigant Loading Screw Conveyor

If you are looking for a compact loading screw conveyor, this solution by NEUERO is ideal for you. It is foldable, has a stable, air-conditioned and height-adjustable chassis. Thanks to the intermediate storage, it works especially smoothly. With a conveying length of 10 to 12 m and a conveying capacity up to 25 t/h or 40-50 t/h, it is ideal for use in agriculture and industry stakeholders. It has a hopper (two sizes available) for immediate unloading of trucks or trailers. For special solutions, such as propionic acid dosage, there are also versions with large engines.

NEUERO NVS-type 150 Loading Screw Conveyor with Hydraulic Drive

This universal screw is designed for easy installation on tiltable vehicle structures of the vehicles such as dump trucks, trailers, fertilizer spreaders, single grain seeders and other seeders; suitable for grain, mineral fertilizers and other bulk materials. The tilt is standardly adjusted using a winch and transport stand. It is available both in hot-dip galvanized and stainless-steel versions and optionally, conveyer length 3 m or 4 m. The screw axis is always made of stainless steel. Drain hose of 1m long, as well as hose package 6 m included as standard.

Grain Cannons

NEUERO Grain Cannon GK 100/120/150

Grain cannons are ideal for internal loading of grain or other crops. They can also be used to load round silos, flat bottom storages and square cells silos. In this way, the crop can be delivered directly from the trailer to the storage.

NEUERO grain cannons are equipped with a chassis and an inlet funnel on wheels (4 wheels additionally), so that mobility within the farms is ensured. You just have to connect the power supply and the equipment is ready to use.

Height of the spout can be easily adjusted using a crank. In this way, you can easily adapt the loading screw to different requirements. The conveying capacity of grain cannons depends on harvesting material, its moisture trimmings as well as the slope (conveying angle). Up to 41 t/h is possible.

If you stored grain with propionic acid, you can install a suitable equipment on the grain cannon.

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