Mechanic Conveying System

NEUERO produces conveyor equipment with a capacity of up to 700 t/h. High-quality materials, sophisticated design and precise processing ensure the quality and durability of machines and equipment parts. Materials are galvanized and therefore intensely protected against corrosion. They are processed using the new CNC and laser technology and therefore, do not have sharp edges that could damage the materials which istransported. When it comes to conveyor equipment, NEUERO uses splashproof motors. The motor and drive are pre-assembled. All of the various conveyor systems are powerful and energy-efficient at the same time. They are user-friendly and can work fully automatically by means of control device. NEUERO conveyor equipment is also easy to install and maintain. If requirements, capacities or other circumstances change, the conveyor system can be easily expanded.

NEUERO offers conveyor equipment in a very wide range. This means that conveying systems can be adapted to your individual needs and circumstances. Our competent staff will be glad to help and advise you.

Further, we briefly introduce the various conveyor systems. For more information, please go to PRODUCTS.

Redler/Trough Chain Conveyor

NEUERO NRL Trough Chain Conveyor

This low-noise scraper conveyor from NEUERO is characterized by very low energy consumption and high capacity. These are light-running machines with low power requirements for gentle grain transportation with a capacity of up to 5.000 tons per year. Thanks to the combined drive and tensioning station, as well as the plastic drives, they are very easy to maintain and extremely durable. A mechanical conveying flow limiter and equipping the finals with a bulwark and microswitch protect against operational errors such as overflow or jamming.

NEUERO NR200/250/350 HD Trough Chain Conveyor

These scraper conveyors with floor guides have a very heavy, stable construction. With their help, it is possible to achieve annual productivity more than 5.000 tons. Large bearings and shafts provide a long service life. On request, the scraper conveyor can be delivered with plastic floors to reduce wear and noise insulation. They are suitable, such as industrial machines, for many purposes, the optimum special equipment for various purposes is also available.

NEUERO NRK – Trough Chain Conveyor with redirecting station

This NEUERO coupled conveyor is designed to transport bulk goods with an annual turnover of more than 5.000 tons. It consists of sheet steel and is equipped with a drive and tensioning station, a gear motor (400V, 50Hz) IP 55, a trough with a drive chain and a cover, each with inlet and end outlet in galvanized version and drive with shutter for protection.

NEUERO Elevators – NK 20/40 Chain Elevators

The compact chain elevators by NEUERO the combination with feeder augers are optimal vertical conveyors for agricultural use. You can use them to connect different heights with different angles. They are infinitely adjustable up to 45º. The chain elevator has been reinforced with original rubber plates by fabric. There are two injection pushers in the conveyor shaft. A wide range of accessories is also available for universal use.

NEUERO Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are used for steep or vertical conveying and they are distinguished by careful handling of the transported goods. NEUERO offers bucket elevators with capacities from 20 to 160t/h. The NEUERONBEL bucket elevator is a machine with a smooth ride and low energy consumption. It offers high delivery speeds (up to 5.000 t/year) – with very little noise during operation and little wear. It has large, round and spiral welded shafts with welded flanges in a hot-dip galvanized structure, therefore, it has a very high stability. Various designs, attachments and a wide range of accessories are available.

The NEUERO NBE HD Bucket Elevator design is similar, but it is an industrial machine with a heavy, stable structure, which annual turnover exceeds 5.000 tons. It has large bearings and shafts, therefore has a long service life. If required, wear-resistant casing can be applied for conveying products that are subject to friction or strong milling.

Screw Conveyor

NEUEROconveyor augers are distinguished by the highest quality and design. They are ideal for filling and emptying the silos as well as for loading. Motors are splash proof bearings and maintenance free. There are suitable accessories for any application. The drive and motor are delivered as a single unit for simple and quick self-assembly. Due to a standard V-belt drive, the feed rate can be flexibly adjusted.

Tube Screw Conveyor – NEUERO Tube Screw Conveyor Series S

NEUERO S series Tube Screw Conveyor are designed for continuous use with large conveying capacity. They offer high performance with low energy consumption. Therefore, they are very inexpensive way to conveyer grain. The pipes are flanged and the extensions are equipped with intermediate storage. This ensures maximum smoothness and gentle product transportation. A Gear motors are available as special equipment.

With coupling joints, they can be adjusted almost continuously along the length. NEUERO Tube Screw Conveyor are available for use with grain, flour and animal feed. Tube Screw Conveyor for grain are available for inlet funnels or foot sections, as well as complete with a protective cover, lower bearing and inlet adjustment. The motor and drive are already fully assembled; on request, they can be delivered ready for connection with a switch installed. Of course, there is a wide range of accessories for various applications.

Trough Screw Conveyors

The NEUERO TS series Trough Screw Conveyors are stationary conveyors suitable for horizontal or slightly silos transportation (up to max. 5º) of bulk materials. They are used to load storage silos, animal feed equipment, dryers and much more from above with grain, corn, cereals, flour, legumes or pellets or for their further transportation after unloading.

NEUERO Trough Screw Conveyors TS 1703/2003

Lightweight, inexpensive, durable – this fully galvanized trough conveyor is ideal for horizontal conveyer (maximum slope 10º) in agriculture with an annual turnover of up to 5.000 tons. Feed length up to 32 m, capacity from 20 to 60 t/h. Drive element – either gear motor or V-belt drive – already fully assembled.

NEUERO Trough Screw Conveyors TS 4000 and TS 6000

Due to their very heavy, robust and stable construction, these large trough screw conveyors from NEUERO are also suitable as industrial machines. Low speed ensures gentle handling of the product. Adjustable intermediate bearings made of brass. The NEUERO Trough Screw Conveyors are driven by a German geared motor.

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