Pneumatic conveying

Grain Blower

Grain blowers and -suction-pressure blowers are designed as high-performance blowers for grain pneumatic conveying, especially cereals. difficult conveying routes, which could only be realized mechanically in the combination of vertical and horizontal conveyors, can be solved solo with this equipment. Blowers work according to the type and can be mobile. Depending on performance design, they are suitable for loading and emptying from the silos or silo cells, as well as for transporting grain, rapeseed and grass seeds. Depending on the properties and material, plastic granules can also be transported using blowers.

NEUERO Grain blowers BG 80 / IG 740

The blower BG 80 is the smallest blower from NEUERO. This is equipped with a precision injection gateway and 630 mm inlet funnel in order to achieve an efficient pressure supply. The IG 740 grain blower has significantly higher performance when using 7.5 kW engine. The funnel attachment (30 cm) increases the funnel capacity by approximately 75 kg.

The devices are equipped as standard with a star delta switch, ammeter, protective motor switch and CEE plug. The BG 80 grain blower can also be used in combination with a throttle valve for silo ventilation.

NEUERO Grain Blowers with rotary valves for pressure transport

Grain blowers with a motorized rotary valve have a high conveying capacity in relation to the energy consumption. Cast material ensures a long service life, high degree of accuracy and tightness. The conveyed material is fed evenly into the pressure stream. In this way, the performance potential of the blower is optimally used.

NEUERO offers various models of these blowers. The ZG 1700 and BG 120 also feature a cleaning brush in a rotary valve. The flow regulator ensures optimal use of the fan and provides it with the necessary auxiliary air.

In ZG 1700 and ZG 1900 models, the engine is directly connected and BG 120/130 series, power is transmitted using V-belts. Devices are equipped with an inlet funnel (800 mm) and a star-delta switch, including a motor protection switch (BG 130 with an automatic star-delta switch). For ZG 1700, BG 120 and BG 130 fan types, a conversion kit is available for suction operation.

NEUERO Suction-pressure grain blower

Suction-pressure grain blowers are used for pneumatic emptying and loading of grain, rapeseed, etc. These blowers can be installed both in horizontal storages and in round silos. A precision rotary valve feeds the suction material into the pressure stream. Before this, the intake air and the product are separated in the suction line with using a special suction separator.

These highly efficient NEUERO blowers are available with electric drives from 7.5 kW to 22 kW. It is driven by a V-belt, on ZGSD 1700 model the engine sits directly on the shaft.

Alternatively, there is PTO 150/30 model, which is driven by a scraper conveyor with a power take-off shaft. Therefore, it is especially suitable for deposits that are not on the farm or companies which don’t have an appropriate energy available.

A wide range of accessories, such as a loading device for a truck, a suction nozzle, a suction pipe, a suction cup for a suction pit, etc., which enables to use variety of conditions.

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