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NEUERO is well known far beyond the EU borders with its perennial experience in field of silos construction and is the only manufacturer company of silos in Germany. It doesn’t matter whether you need an indoor or outdoor silo: everything is possible! Our experienced staff is available at anytime and anywhere. Together we will check what you need and we will build what suits for you! Due to the own production, we can guarantee not only the controlled quality, but also short delivery times.

Dimensionally accurate construction and realization

When referring to sizes, NEUERO works with one-millimeter accuracy: Silos from mini to giant sizes, whether with or without a funnel base (in a segment design), full flexibility in diameter, height and volume – from 5 t to 12.500 t.

Of course, we also take the static requirements and the climatic conditions into account in designing. The statics can be adapted to all conditions of the terrain or ground. And, of course, all storage options can be retrofitted at any time if the capacity needs to be adjusted. We also have an extensive additional program in stock. These include adapted ventilation systems, control and and temperature measuring systems.

High manufacturing quality

Storage silos “Made by NEUERO” for indoor and outdoor installation offer an optimal price-performance ratio. They are manufactured in a resource and cost-efficient way from high-quality galvanized steel sheets (with fireproof screw connection). Their high-quality manufacturing quality is payed off and generates income for many years. They are stable, robust and durable, resistant, protected against corrosion and waterproof. The bunkers have smooth inner walls and no scracks; they are self-cleaned upon releasing and do not require maintenance. The flat profiling of the silo panels also provides greater stability, and therefore they are also more suitable for products requiring special care, such as seeds.

Guarantees a long service life

In addition to the legal guarantee, NEUERO silos with Z600 and aluminum-zinc roofs are designed for a service life of at least 20 years – this applies to each silo designed and manufactured to meet your requirements.

Depending on a climate zone, we can also equip our grain storage to be protected against heat or cold, earthquakes, storms and heavy rain as well as against local pests or special hygiene problems thanks to adapted material and with special roofs: the higher the demands, the stronger the material.

Color coating in all RAL colors means that the silos can be well integrated into environment and meet the relevant requirements of the building authorities.

Support from our staff

In addition to technical advices, NEUERO will provide you with support in getting an approval from the building authority, structural calculations and fulfillment of legal requirements and requirements with regard to noise or air cleaning.

On your request, we can assemble your grain storage system with our trained staff and specialized companies. Alternatively, you can, do the assembly yourself. A local fitter will assist you by arrangement.

Upon system installation, we will familiarize you with the use and control of your system. Our service department is, of course, available for you with advice and action even after handover of equipment. Our electrical specialists build and support the control electronics tailored to your system.

Below you will find brief descriptions of the various types of NEUERO silos. For details, please go to PRODUCTS.


With the NL grain storage silo, NEUERO proved itself both nationally and internationally. They symbolize NEUERO‘s many years of experience in building silos. Own production guarantees short delivery times. Our personnel capacities also ensure short assembly times. Thanks to our own production, we specialize in implementation of all individual solutions and special requests – such as the consideration of higher snow loads.

The NEUERO NL-type silos are suitable both for indoor and outdoor installation. Silos consist of high-quality, rolled quality steel sheets with zinc coating of 350g/m² or, as a corrosion-resistant, zinc coating of 600g/m². Thanks to flat profiling of silos panels, only a small amount of dirt remains. The silos roofs with inclination 30° have an aluminum zinc coating.

The design is extremely stable due to small distance between screw joints in horizontal zone and double screw connection at the top of the bend and in its concave. The silo construction is fastened with heavy anchor dowels by German industrial standards- DIN, C-profile supports reach the top.

Of course, we advise you on block foundations, thereby saving your costs on separately hired civil engineers. For outdoor installations, we recommend a special weatherproof concrete seal to further ensure storage quality.

Thanks to diverse additional program produced by NEUERO , such as doors, access hatches, catwalks and platforms, roof stairs with handrails or stairs with rear protection, reinforcing the roof to support conveying equipment, roofs for silos with a access hatch, filling nozzles, exhaust pipes and additional outlets, silo blocks can be adapted to any individual need. There are also various individual ventilation accessories, including roof vents and vent funnels. Silos and silo´s roofs are available in all RAL colors on request.

NEUERO SilO NLI / NLT-type with Hopper

If you are looking for a rock-solid product for the economical storage of grain and other bulk goods as well as seeds, NEUERO NLI/NLT-type segmented silo will be ideal for you. We guarantee an extremely low purchase price, which can be significantly reduced through your own contribution. These silos are also favorable from a storage cost perspective. For example, segmental construction of the hopper substructure reduces transport costs by 36 ° or 45 ° due to the minimal loading space requirement.

The NEUERO NLI-type Silo is designed for indoor installation without supports. It enables installation even in parts of the building that are difficult to access, since all components can be transported through normal door openings.

The counterpart for outdoor installation is NEUERO NLT-type silo with C-profile supports up to the top and floor fastening angles with heavy anchor plugs. In connection with ventilation system, the NLT-type silos can also be used as buffer silos. The NLT silo is also available as a loading silo with a steel substructure.

For NEUERO NLI/NLT-type silo, there are various accessories from our own production as well as adapted ventilation systems and ventilation fans.

Sweep Auger

NEUERO has stationary sweeping augers its range for the simple and quick emptying of silos. They are characterized by modular design and therefore, can be adapted to all silo diameters.

The standard discharge rate is 40 t/h of grain. It is driven by electric motors and angle drives. More or less performance can be achieved by replacing the drive motor. For longer lengths, the sweeping auger are stored temporarily. Robust construction ensures safe operation and continuous unloading. Feeding with its own drive is designed load-dependent in order to avoid underneath the grain stack.

All NEUERO sweeping augers are designed according to the ATEX directive, specially equipped for agricultural use, easy to assemble and maintain.

Stationary sweep auger NFS-type

This NEUERO Stationary sweep auger is suitable for residual emptying grain from round silos. Thanks to its modular design, it can be adapted for all elevator with diameter of up to 14.30 m.

Stationary sweep auger NFS-L type

The design and performance of the NEUERO NFS-L stationary sweep auger is the same as for the NFS stationary sweep auger. It is suitable for small round silos with diameter of up to 7.15 m.

Stationary sweep auger NFS-HD-type 230/80

This stationary sweep auger is used for residual emptying from NL-type round silos. In this case, bulk products, for example cereals, legumes, oilseeds, seeds and similar agricultural products are effectively completely unloaded.

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