Storage without Losses

Grain storage makes sense! Be it to gradually feed part of the harvest to your own animals. Be it to get better prices on sales. Or to be able to flexibly absorb all harvest quantities during the harvest season and to be able to store them temporarily regardless of trade and existing logistics. More and more farmers are storing their harvests in order to effectively counter grain price fluctuations on the market.

Value preservation by use of professional SilOs

However, if you want to store your grain harvest as loss-free as possible, you have to consider a few things. Because what uses the best harvest when only a part of it is spoiled during storage. According to the BMEL (Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture), an average of at least 2 % of grain lost is depending on storage system. This is almost 700,000 tons only in Germany – based on the production volume in 2018 (34.6 million tons) – which at a value of € 170 per ton of grain € 119 million equivalent. On average, one person consumes 77.5 kg of grain. Based on these statistics, we could provide about 9 million people per year with wheat which spoiled only by insects.

Minimize losses during storage

Farmers are also responsible for the quality of their products. The Product Liability Act also applies to sale of grain, consequently the farmer is also liable for damage which are caused by faulty goods (as well as the animal origin products produced with them), or not caused through his own fault.

The goal of storage must; therefore, getting a perfect, dry, non-wetted and pest-free product! are required storage facilities that:

  • To be stable, waterproof, insulated and corrosion-resistant;
  • Ensures high hygienic standard: by the walls are smooth and scrack-free, thus forming an easy-to-clean Surface;
  • Rodent and bird density to exclude contamination by animal excrement;
  • Include humidity and temperature; monitoring. Grain should be stored at a temperature around 14° C and maximum moisture 14%, thus the possible storage time can be increased fivefold. Rising temperatures in the stored goods indicate an infestation by beetles, mites or mold. The temperature should therefore be checked continuously. This also applies to moisture, because of pests can hardly propagate at a temperature below 13°C;
  • Enable to regulate humidity and temperature. To do this, it must be possible to ventilate each grain store. Appropriate systems are available for all storage options. Drying is also a reasonable measure if the moisture level is high.

Carefree storage – easy handling

You should expect all of this from professional silos. And we at NEUERO can even guarantee that: in addition to the legal guarantee, NEUERO silos with Z600 and aluminum-zinc roofs are designed for a service life of at least 20 years – this applies to each silos that designed and manufactured individually to meet your requirements, which you can store without loss of quality and quantity.

The name NEUERO stands for many years’ experience in silos’ construction and is the only manufacturer company of silos in Germany. Our storage silos are coveted internationally and well known worldwide. Because in addition to the variety of their convincing properties, they are suitable for all climates and equipped with special roofs against heat, storm, earthquakes and heavy rain, as well as against local pests and special hygiene problem.

Our experienced staff are always available for you – even when you decide whether high outdoor silo – or indoor storage with storage cell is more suitable for you.

Outdoor or indoor storage – custom work in millimeter

NEUERO works precisely tailored to sizes and needs of the customers: indoors and outdoors from mini to giant, as well as the square or trapezoidal walls in a modular system to use existing building surfaces. Together we will check what you need and build what suits for you! Of course, all storage options can be modified at any time if capacity needs to be adjusted.

Stable, robust and durable, resistant, corrosion-proof and waterproof

Storage silos such as cells “Made by NEUERO” for indoor and outdoor installation offer an optimal price-performance ratio. They are manufactured cost-effective resource. Due to their high manufacturing quality, they meet the highest demands. They are stable, robust and durable, resistant, corrosion-protected and waterproof. You can save the time required for cleaning, as our storage silos and cells are cleaned thanks to smooth internal scratch-free surface.

Long service life – guaranteed quality

And do not forget: the vigilant control is the best help in storage! NEUERO silos will be a leading figure in any farm. Thanks to the color coating in common RAL colors, silos can be well integrated into environment and/or meet the requirements of construction services.

Of course, NEUERO also provide everything that is required for loss-free storage: grain cleaning control and monitoring systems for temperature, humidity and CO² measurement, adapted ventilation technology from fans on ventilation spears to the fully ventilated floor and the sweeping augers for complete storage emptying.

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