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The importance of conveyor technology should not be underestimated: high-quality conveyor systems not only make the internal material flow more efficient and effective, by optimizing time and space, the added value can be increased significantly. Moreover, suitable conveyor technology prevents storage losses. Especially, for grain conveying system, the dust-proof closed systems have been proven to provide convenient transportation with minimum amount of crushed grain, which is reflected in significantly higher yield. This also applies to savings in the area of manpower: Conveyor systems can be partially or fully automated by control system. The higher the automation process, so the higher the potential. In addition, the low energy consumption of some conveyor systems saves a lot of money.

Flexible by Bandwidth

During planning a conveyor system, conveying output, conveying distance and conveying speed are key factors, so on the one hand the animal feed products can be conveyed in time and quantity according to plan and on the other hand, operating expenses, control and auxiliary work are minimized. Depending on the type of means of conveyance is, horizontal, inclined or vertical conveying required on straight or curved lines. By connecting several continuous conveyors even very long conveying routes can be overcome without any problem. Experienced NEUERO staff will be glad to assist you in planning and will configure the optimal conveying system together with you.

Smart Engineered – loss-free conveyed

NEUERO has a wide range of conveyor technologies, ready to load and unload any storage. No matter how high or far, mechanically or pneumatically: we supply conveying equipment which reliably performs its work in terms of quality and bandwidth. NEUERO conveyer equipment is always up-to-date and includes systems starting from augers, chain conveyors and elevators to blowers of pneumatic suction conveying. This bandwidth allows, that to develop a conveying system flexibly adapted to all requirements.

Quality and Durability

NEUERO manufactures coveying equipment with a capacity of up to 250 t/h. High-quality materials, sophisticated design and precise processing ensure the quality and durability of machines and equipment. The materials used are galvanized and therefore constantly protected against corrosion.

The advantages of NEUERO products are:

  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness combined with powerful service;
  • Small space requirement;
  • Easy to install;
  • Use of high-quality galvanized materials;
  • Processing of materials with the new CNC and laser technology;
  • Variable and easily expandable in length and angle;
  • Use of splash-proof motors;
  • Motor and drive unit are pre-assembled;
  • High operational reliability and low maintenance;
  • Easy to use, even with automatic controls;
  • Product and environmentally friendly conveying.

All conveyor systems can be controlled automatically by means of the NEUERO MANUS control system or VARIUS conveyor control system consisting of MANUS control system expanded by the PLC (programmable logic controller) and with touch screen.

Mechanical Conveyor Equipment

  • NEUERO Screw conveyors are drawn by first-class quality and workmanship. They are ideal for filling- and emptying silos. Depending on the version, they convey grain, flour or pellets. There are suitable accessories for every application;
  • Trough Screw Conveyor as stationary conveyors for horizontal or slightly elevated transportation can be used to load silos, mixers or dryers from above; also suitable for further transportation after unloading. There are routes up to 32 meters conveyor length are possible;
  • NEUERO Chain Conveyors with and without deflection station for the transport of free-flowing bulk goods – they impress with their very low energy consumption, low noise, high conveying capacity, low chain speed and, therefore, are ideal for convenient Transportation;
  • Grain Cannons – used for internal loading of grain or other crops, as well as for loading of round silos, flat bottom storage and modular wall cells;
  • Bucket and Chain Elevators are designed for steep and vertical conveying. A wide range of accessories. In combination with feeder screws, chain elevators are the optimal vertical conveyors.

Pneumatic Conveyors

NEUERO has developed sophisticated blowers and blowers for pneumatic conveying, special for grain. They transport by means of pressure or suction air in a completely enclosed piping system. Difficult conveying paths, mechanically only in the combination of vertical and horizontal conveyors could be realized and be solved solo with these devices.

NEUERO blowers operate according to their type and can be used mobile. Depending on the version, they are suitable for loading and unloading of silos such as silos cells as well as transportation for grain, rapeseed and grass seeds. They can be used both in flat bottom and round silos.

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