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Increase efficiency
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With efficient mixing

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Our Mission

Our Mission


More than 20.000 silos – most of them equipped and optimized with the more than 3,000 products of Neuero Portfolios, – are now all over the world. And increasing more than 500 per year: Preserving quality, quantity and the safety of the post-harvest are our priority – and we are deeply aware of the responsibility this involves.

Because whoever talks to his customers every day, and that’s what our advisors do individual for the customer in agricultural or industrial stakeholders in every corner of the world, they not only knows about all of problem, they also  brings all customer best solution approach… read more

Storage & Conveyer

Optimizing your profit and quality assurance by our storage! To achieve it, we offer a wide range of high-performance and quality products: Silos and flat bottom storage, complete conveying systems, as well as all required equipment such as ventilation system, infestations, pest and Co²control system.

Animal Feed Equipment

Constantly fresh feed, an adapted feed structure, all in one hand even in small quantities – these are just a few advantages of owning your own mills and mixing processing systems. We have energy-efficient and stable solutions for you with smart technology so, that you can ensure your farm with optimal feed.

Drying System

If the moisture content of corn or grain is too high, than drying is inevitable! This is the only way to ensure a quality and value-enhancing shelf life. We offer various systems for even gentle drying and the right choice of dryers.

Cleaning System

Cleaning is mandatory and ensures the value of the harvest. Thanks to our modular service portfolio, you are able to find efficient and innovative cleaning concepts. Space-saving compact design, easy operation and low-maintenance.

Control & Monitoring System

Smart control and monitoring systems are required for the trouble-free process of all relevant storage and feed management system. We offer our own tried-and-tested system as well as exclusive i-Grain products from i-Grain, the world market leader for smart agricultural control technology.

About Us


Because whoever talks to his customers every day, that's what our advisors do individual for the customer in agricultural or industrial stakeholders in every corner of the world, they not only knows about all problem, they also brings all customer best so

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News from Melle

New Ways of innovations for farms by Neuero Communication and Innovation in Cooperatives - NEUERO engage in close dialogue with its customers, Partners and the market to determine their requirements. New technologies, included changes in market activity

Exhibitions & Events

Before you would like to get in touch personally at your farm or property, get information and don't miss out on the best agricultural exhibitions, on where Neuero will take place. Here you will find an overview

Ongoing projects

Storage, Drying system, Animal Feed Equipment, Cleaning System are used worldwide, - which are existing in different design and capacity at NEUERO in Melle Here you will get more information about on going projects

Smart Farm Technologies

Simplify and optimize your business processes, reduce your timeline and increase the quality – by “Smart Farm Technologies” also transforming the digital future to your courtyard

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