Reference Projects for Animal Feed Equipment


3.500 fattening pigs Germany – Langwedel

Completely new facility of the plant, which also contains the intake for grain components.
Using of diagonal feed mixing system.
Integration of screw cleanser with sieve before milling.
Using of the hammermill as well as the integration of disc mill in order to produce optimal feed structures.
Encore of various mineral components by spiral conveyors.
New development and integration of grain storage (Outdoor silos).
Mechanical distribution of different types of feed in existing silos with trough screw conveyors.
Using milling system


2,5 t – 3.500 Pigs- farm Germany – Freren

Milling and mixing capacity from 2,5 t/h
2 Storage silos each 670 t
40 t/h conveying capacity
2,5 t/h Milling capacity, NEUERO-mixer system
3 t/h More than 250 m pneumatic conveyor
NEUERO Management-Software
Diagonal mixer
Integration of plant with developed operational structures
Secondary grain cleaning by air classifiers directly before milling
Pneumatic distribution of feeds by rotor piston Compressor on 8 various silos in 250 m distance with The capacity 3 t/h
Using of rapeseed ‘oil in feed ration


2,5 t/h- 2.500 Pigs- farm Germany – Spantekov

2,5 t/h Milling and mixing capacity
5 x Mineral feed silos each 5,3 t,. 3 x grain silos 15,6 m³
8 x Mixing feed silos 3,9 t
4 x Mineral Hopper silos (stainless steel), loading on truck
60 t/h Conveying capacity
2,5 t/h RVO 852 milling capacity
NEUERO-vertical mixer 6.000 l
NEUERO Management-Software
Completely new development of a grain plant and fattening pigs’ farms with humid grain
Milling and Mixing system for processing of moist grain and dosage of liquid feeding
Vertical designed milling system with sided screw conveyor partly made in stainless steel in order to process difficult-flowing products
4 material components in stainless steel containers
with screw conveyor made in stainless steel delivery and installation of milling and mixing plant, as well as the intake, cleaning and ventilation system of the moist grain silos


2 t/h– 2.000 pigs, 1.200 cattle, Ukraine

Mixing feed system for 2 t/h, up to 15 t/day
14 GfK Silos for grain/ grist
Hammermill RVO 854
Horizontal mixer type NHM 2500
Sieves  cleaners
10 Mineral hoppers – 400 L


3 t/h– 2.000 pigs, 200 cattle, 2.000 poultry, Ukraine

Mixing feed system

capacity 3 t/h
5 Grain storage silos/ Grist NTF
10 Kosa silos 13 m³ – 10,4 t
Hammermill type RVO 930 (30 kV)
Horizontal mixer NHM
2.500 mixers
2 Mineral hoppers each 400 L
4 Silos for mixed feed NTF 11
With Kosa silos 10,9 m³/6,6 t


4 t/h5.000 pigs – 1.000 cattle, Ukraine

4 t/h Mixing feed system for Pig fattening and Dairy Farm
1 Hammermill type RVO 852, drive rating 22 kV
1 Vertical mixer 4.000 l storage capacity 2,5 t of content
5 Mineral hoppers each 400 l
6 Silos for mixed feed from Kosa silo,
2x Type NTF 13 per 20,7 m³
4 x NTF 8 per 8,2 m³ of content


3 t/h for 2.000 cattle, Ukraine

Milling and Mixing system :
Screw Cleaning with sieve 0,75 kV
Hammermill 30 kV
Horizontal mixer 7,5 kW with load cell rods
8 x Mineral hoppers for mineral components
Weighing container 200 kg for mineral components
2 x Micro components
Silos for mixed feed 2 x 6,6 t + 4 x 3,4 t
40 t/h Conveying system
Tubular screw conveyor
Control system
Outdoor silos 110 t:
40 t/h Intake
2 x 37,5 t Grain storage silos (750 kg/m³): wheat, corn
2 x 18 t Grist silos (600 kg/m³):
Soybean grist l, sunflower grist
40 t/h Conveying system

Zorja Ukraine 3 t-h - Neuero

3 t/h for 200 cattle, 2.000 pigs, 2.000 poultry, Ukraine

Mixing system , capacity 3 t/h
Hammermill RVO 930 (30 kV)
Horizontal mixer NHM 2500
2 Mineral hoppers, capacity 400 L
5 Animal feed silos type NTF 10 per 13 m³ storage Capacity in KOSA silo design
4 Silos for mixed feed type NTF 11 – KOSA silo design – storage capacity 10,9 m³

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