We Make A Difference …

More efficient and effective time and space optimization through high-quality conveyor systems with higher added value and reduction of loss in storage ... read more

Flat Bottom Silos and Storage Cells

We find square cells silos in the agricultural and commercial sector for space-saving storage of grain . They are always ... read more

Storage without Losses

Only professional storages system guarantee flawless, dry, non-wettable and pest-free products and so the value of the harvest. This mainly requires ... read more

Productivity Classes

We divided our agricultural series into productivity classes so you can better navigate. Here, you can find differentiation criteria ... read more


Reference Projects

Made in Germany – delivered worldwide: NEUERO assembles Silos from 5 to 12.500 tons; conveying equipment up to 700 t/h ... read more

SilOs and Storage Systems

Silos, hopper silos, with ventilated cone, with ventilated bottoms, sweep auger, catwalk, platforms ... read more

Pneumatic Conveying

Grain blower Suction- Pressure Grain blower , Cell-wheel blower, PTO Blowers (power takeoff ), high performance, long lifetime, decades of experience“ ... read more

Ventilation System and Air Heating

To ensure high quality grain and storage in silos NEUERO offers a wide variety of ventilation systems ... read more

Mechanical Conveying

Chain elevators, bucket elevators, horizontal and vertical conveying systems, screw conveyer ... read more

Loading Screw Conveyor and Grain Cannons

Loading screw conveyor , grain cannons, drive with v-belt or hydraulic drive, overload scew conveyor, mobile loading screw conveyor ... read more

Wood Pellet – Storage, Conveying and Monitoring

Gentle conveyance, Durable and high-performance conveying systems, Silo discharge technology for complete emptying, Energy-efficient gear motor and smart control system, High quality galvanized and aluminum galvanized materials ... read more

Storage Technology with Swing Away Mobile Auger

The PTO-driven Swing Away Mobile Grain Auger is ideal link between harvest logistics and grain storage, which provides high conveying and handling capacity with maximum reliability and flexibility ... read more