Ongoing Projects

Knowledge Base HACCP

Small efficient milling and mixing plant

In a standard Seecontrainer, we have integrated a complete milling and mixing system including conveyor technology, minimal addition and control. The system is delivered pre-assembled and can be connected without any special know-how. more

Milling & Mixing

In an existing Hall we have supplied Milling- and Mixing plant for the extension of the whole facility. There are to be taken care of 1000 dairy cattle daily. more

Continuous Dryer

For our customer in Nova Ivanovskoye Region of Russia we have supplied complete drying system for the extension of the existing facility. more

Storage & Conveyor | Silo Dryer

We have planed for a diversified agricultural association a facility for storage and drying of grain. The system will significantly improve the efficiency of the harvest, which meets the hygiene requirements and ATEX regulations. more

Storage Conveyor | Milling & Mixing

We have supplied to our customer a whole facility for storing and producing own feed of pig farming in Germany, which consider the hygiene requirements and ATEX specifications.Implementation is planned for the second half of 2020. more

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