Storage & Conveyor | Silo Dryer

5130 t Storage capacity, 120 t/h conveyor, 530 t Silo dryer

Land Deutschland, Niedergörsdorf OT Oehna
Intake conveyor capacity 120t/h
Storage capacity 4.600t
Storage silo 3x NL16/15 + 1x Silotrockner NL11/11
Conveyor capacity 120t/h
Output capacity 120t/h
Silo dryer NL11/11
Storage capacity 530t
Moisture reduction from 20 auf 16%
Drying medium EDE-
Conveyor capacity 40t/h

We have planed for a diversified agricultural association a facility for storage and drying of grain. The system will significantly improve the efficiency of the harvest, which meets the hygiene requirements and ATEX regulations.

  • 3x 1528,8t/Silo
  • 1x 530 t
  • Intake 120t/h
  • Horizontal conveyor 80-120t/h
  • Cleaning 120 t/h

NEUERO supplies a complete control system for whole facility.

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