Ventilation System and Air Heating

To guarantee grain quality, NEUERO has a wide range of ventilation systems for silo storage as well as flat bottom silo, which were developed by experts. This is a brief overview. For more information, please go to the PRODUCTS.

NEUERO Ventilation Cone

NEUERO ventilation cone is perforated and thus provides optimal ventilation over the entire surface. The cones are designed for silos with diameters from 3.58 m to 6.26 m. The cone height allows you to install the auger without digging under the silo. The silo is almost completely emptied through the 27º cone gradient. The lid in the middle completely isolates the grain from the ground. The cone can be installed both in new and existing silos.

NEUERO Ventilation Pipe

NEUERO telescopic ventilation pipes are ideal for ventilation of flat bottom silos. They can be filled-in a height of up to 5 m. Perforation of 1.5 mm, which is also intended for rapeseed and a perforated end cover provide a uniform air exit area along the entire length. Thanks to the modular design, the ventilation pipes can be easily extended to a maximum length of 20 m.

The galvanized telescopic ventilation pipes have a single length of 2 m, each individual pipe has a sealing mechanism. Corrugated connection, flat rods and clamps allow you to easily disassemble the pipe bundle.

Before storage, the ventilation pipe can be easily removed from the whole grain storage due to the internal cable mount. A 0.5m extension cable with bayonet lock for the wall duct is also included in delivery package.

NEUERO Ventilation Spears

The ventilation spears eliminate heat sockets in grain and protects against large losses without much effort. The ventilation spears are simply inserted into the grain, then rotated by the handle in depth and then ready for use. The ventilation spears compress the grain in the area and moves easily. The grain is gradually aerated.

NEUERO has two versions in the program. Ventilation spears with 230W voltage, works on absorption. 380W ventilation spears can be used both for suction and moving the fan for pushing.

NEUERO Ventilation Blower

NEUERO offers a wide range of energy-efficient mobile and stationary ventilation blowers for silos, flat bottom storage and storage cells. Our DLG tested air blowers provide high performance with strong back pressure due to aerodynamically optimized impellers and inlet nozzles. The housing is fully galvanized. The blower wheel is made of cast aluminum, the rotary valve is made of cast iron.

Due to their heavy weight, the blowers are extremely stable and have a long service life. Equipment are delivered ready to be connected, with motor protection switch or CEE plug. They have fully automatic flow control and motor safety switches. Mobile equipment is equipped with a handle and wheels. For mobile use, we also offer drain pipe parts and universal pipes as a Guma DS system. There are accessories in FS design for stationary use.

NEUERO Air Heating

We offer equipment for indirect or direct air heating. They can work with oil or gas.

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